Feature in Apiarists' Advocate

We were absolutely blown away with our feature in the Apiarists' Advocate this week. Kim (head beekeeper of Bush Haven) is the president for our local Rotorua Honey Bee Club which came away with an award in the 2021 Apiculture New Zealand competition. 

The segment on Bush Haven reads: 

"While Poynter got to proudly collect the club’s award, it was not her only trip to the stage during the ceremony. She walked away with a literal box-load of awards for her personal Bush Haven Farm Honey submissions, plus the award for the gift basket category. 

“I’m a hobbyist, so to be able to go up against the big boys, it was pretty exciting to get some awards,” the keeper of about 50 hives says.

“Hobbyists sometimes feel like we are not flash enough, not good enough to put our honeys up against the commercials and packers. So, it was marvellous to be able to provide that opportunity.”

You can read the full article here. 

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