Meet the team

Hi, my name is Kim and rather than being a beekeeper, I like to think of my role as a Bee Carer.  Our bees in NZ need our support to stay alive and healthy and being passionate about these marvellous little creatures has taken me on a wonderful journey into their world, over the last 10 years.

My son Matt, helps me with tending the hives.  We work together with him doing most of the really heavy lifting when it is time to take the honey off.  After fracturing my back 3 years ago from a flying fall from my horse, I am grateful for Matt’s youth, strength and beekeeping skills.  

With a small number of hives we are able to do all our own beekeeping and extract the honey from the frames.  That way, we know that the bees are really well cared for and the honey produced is of the very best quality.  

I am involved in beekeeping organisations and clubs at a local and national level on a voluntary basis.

(I was one of the founders of the Rotorua Honey Bee club and have been the President of this for the last 9 years.  I have also been a member of the American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan national board for the last few years.  This is a nasty disease that bees can get and NZ is on a mission to eradicate it. )

Interested in keeping bees? 

Kim loves to teach beekeeping and holds an Introduction to Beekeeping course for the Rotorua Honey Bee club each Spring.  

Kim enjoys assisting people to becoming more competent with increasing skills and knowledge to do the best they can with our precious bees.

When the club commenced the course, there were hardly any hives around the city.  Now there are a lot, with happy bees pollinating veges and fruit in the neighbourhoods.  That’s why its so important that gardeners avoid using pesticide sprays or spraying flowers, because the bees take these poisons back to their colony and contaminate their home. If you are a Rotorua/BOP local check out the club website.
Never fear, Bee clubs feature throughout New Zealand so if you aren't a local to Rotorua there will surely be one near by which would love to have you. 

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