Naturally Granulated Honey
Naturally Granulated Honey

Naturally Granulated Honey

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GOLD MEDAL award winner in the 2021 Apiculture awards. 
Gold winner for both Dark and Medium colourings.

The 2021 season has given us a Honey that is predominantly a mix of Kamahi, Dandelion, Rata, Manuka/Kanuka and clover. 

Some flowers naturally create smooth granulated honey and others create a grainy granulation. As the bees forage differently every year the result is also unique each year.

Our naturally granulated honey has a grainy texture this year and you may notice some frosting which is the name given to white patches on the side of the jar. This results when the honey naturally granulated in the jar and shrinks slightly causing a very fine film of air that gets trapped between the honey and the side of the jar which forms crystals. It alters the appearance of the honey but it does not alter the flavor or the quality. When you open the jar you will generally find it is just up against the jar edge and does not affect the delicious flavor. 

Granulated honey can be softened by placing the jar into warm water.

Naturally granulated honey - The honey that always stays on your toast! Exasperated with honey dripping? This is the honey for you. 

Real Raw Honey Crystallises.
What you hold is the true purity test. 
Raw unheated honey will spontaneously crystallize over time. 
This natural process preserves the flavor and quality leaving a richer taste. The crystallized state allows it to stay on toast and bread without running away - fantastic for those who don’t enjoy sticky fingers.